Sensory Happy Hairbrush – Yellow


The Sensory brush is the softest brush in the paddle brush range. It features softer nylon pins and thicker as well as rounder micro tips on the end making it perfect for kids and people that are:

Highly Sensory, have ADHD, Autism or special needs who find traditional hair brushes hurt or over stimulate them.
Under 4 years old and may not have had their first hair cut yet
Very fine hair and a sensitive head
The Sensory Brush is suitable for thin, fine hair and very sensitive heads. It won’t work on thick hair. For thick hair we recommend the Original Happy Hair or Vegan Happy Hair Brush.

Please note: As this brush is softer, you will find that a few of the black bristles will come out when used first. That’s normal. We recommend when you get the brush to rub the bristles in between your fingers to remove the loose bristles. Do it over a bin or sink or outside the house. After that you are good to go. Happy Brushing!

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