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Jiffi Bottle Warmer Home edition is ideal for every parents bottle heating needs. Whether heating water for a formula bottle, or heating expressed breast milk Jiffi Home has got you covered. Jiffi introduces a bottle warmer that allows parents to chose the target temperature (37, 40, 45 or 50 degrees celcius) that is just right for their childs palate. It has a real time temperature display, so you know exactly how warm the bottle is at any given time. Utilising new Core Heating Technology there are no more bottles that are hot on the outside and cold on the inside. Able to heat a bottle in two minutes and then maintain the temperature, it is fast and accurate.

With its compact design Jiffi Home is the most versatile bottle warmer on the market – keep it in the kitchen during the day and your nightstand at night.

Bottles twist onto the heating unit forming a tight seal, making Jiffi Home safe with zero splash risk.

Product Information
Heats water and breast milk
4 Temperature Settings (37, 40, 45, 50 degrees Celcius)
Real Time Temperature Display
Core Heating Technology – heats liquid from the centre of the bottle outside evenly
Maintains desired temperature for 24 hours
Fast Heat – can heat 120ml bottle in two minutes
Compatible with over 24 Bottle Brands (see list below)
Bottle adaptors included for Tommee Tippee (Ultra-Wide Neck), Pigeon (Narrow Neck), Dr Brown’s (Narrow Neck) and Medela (Narrow Neck)
240V powered plug complies with Australian standards


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