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Baltic Amber Necklace

These Amber necklaces are imported directly from Lithuania, the home of Baltic Amber and the Baltic Sea, where they are beautiful handmade. Baltic Amber necklaces help with teething symptoms as well as looking great on baby. Amber beads are a great natural solution to assist your child through the misery of teething! These are not designed to be chewed or mouthed in any way. It’s believed that when worn against the skin, heated by body temperature, the beads release natural oil (succinic acid) that are absorbed, soothing aches and pains. They have been used through the centuries for healing, pain relief and to boost the bodies immune system.

Each Amber purchase comes with a certificate of Authenticity and a storage pouch. Inside the tags are all the care and safety information also. We think of the environment when packaging our amber and reduce plastic packaging.

  • Polished Amber with gemstones: Amethyst
  • Baroque ( Round)
  • Multi
  • Bead size: 4-5 mm
  • Weight: 7 grams approx.
  • 32cm-33cm approx
  • Beaded and Knotted
Safety Information

Amber beads are designed to be worn and not chewed. The necklaces should only be worn under supervision and not when your child is sleeping. Each Necklace has been carefully handcrafted with your babies safety in mind. Knots between each bead mean that if the necklace is broken, only one bead will come off. A special clasp will release the necklace if too much pressure is applied. Each bead is carefully rounded and polished to be comfortable against your child’s skin. Amber resin is not cold to touch and should not annoy your child when first worn (gemstone will be slightly cooler then room temperature) . We offer a 6 month warranty on all Amber Jewellery.

Each Amber piece is individual and colours can change slightly. Please note each piece is handmade and sizes may vary slightly.

Necklace only not a set.

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