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Oscar” the bunny soft toy comforter also know fondly as Lovey, Pacifier Holder and Buddy, is the perfect baby gift or baby shower gift. Made from soft certified organic cotton “Oscar” the bunny has been loved by children as a comforting blankie, a plush toy and a dummy clip.

What is a comforter?
A comforter is a transitional object – a soft toy or a small blanket, that a baby will use to help self-soothe. Introducing a comforter will help to settle and support your baby through developmental changes – separation anxiety, falling asleep, going through changes and even comfort during sickness. Our comforters have also been known to become best friends!

Maud N Lil comforters come with the option of attaching a dummy so that your child can also settle with comfort and softness All of our comforters are designed with a back-neck loop


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