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An easy way to make warm milk. The Jiffi Portable Baby Bottle Warmer is the new way to feed your baby on the go. This bottle warmer can also be used whilst plugged in to provide parents with a bottle that is ready any time of day or night.

Jiffi incorporates a specially designed formula dispenser that sits on the base for ease of use out and about. It holds up to 150g of formula – and dispenses in 10g increments per press.

New Patented design portable bottle warmer, formula dispenser;
50g milk powder storage, 10g output
3 heating temperature, auto heat preservation mode
Direct heating, high efficiency
Built-in battery, heat up to 4 times, 5 hours heat preservation
Fits over 24 popular brands of wide neck baby bottles (53mm)
Note: Medela, Dr Browns & Tommy Tippy bottles require the Jiffi Bottle Adaptor

Additional Information:
Jiffi takes 15 – 20 minutes to warm from room temperature
Jiffi does not include an adaptor and requires a 3A/5V adaptor to charge and warm simultaneously – mobile phone chargers are not strong enough
Jiffi will take longer to warm if water is cold i.e. fridge cooled water / refrigerated breast milk
Jiffi will take longer to warm if water level is more than 120 ml.

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